About Stephanie Forbes

My name is Stephanie Forbes, and I have been a Case Manager in personal injury law firms for nearly 17 years. I have had the privilege to work at one of the number one (1) law firms in the nation for most of my legal career, starting at 19 years old with a degree in Paralegal Studies. I have also worked in smaller settings, such as with a small sole practitioner. On one occasion, I ran a personal injury law firm for nearly three (3) years, utterly absent from an attorney onsite, as they were within a different city, but chose me to run another city entirely by myself with just one legal assistant and over 390 presuit cases. Recently, I have been employed as a Chief Operating Officer of a multi-state personal injury law firm. I have successfully deployed “The Forbes Method” throughout my legal career and have found great success in resolving cases with maximum results.

As the youngest of six (6) children, I became homeless at 17 years old. I moved into a local homeless shelter before graduating high school, and I would take the city bus at 5:00 am to get to school by 8:00 am each day to graduate from high school. After high school, I was able to get a scholarship to attend college and have my first year fully paid. I found a passion for helping others, and I was given the opportunity to work in the largest law firm in the nation, which changed my life.

My work ethic has always been to be as productive as humanly possible, learn as much as possible, and be a better version of myself the next day. Having a background in customer service helped me better serve clients, coworkers, and management. I noticed something more important than just being busy, but being fully engaged with our law firm’s clients allowed for a lifetime friendship with clients and an overall better representation. Lifetime friendships also turn into lifetime clients. Through challenges that I faced in life, I never really had anyone to lean on for help or to get me out of a jam, so I had to lean on my skill as a Case Manager to get me through life’s challenges, and now I take those skills and allow clients something I never had, which was someone to lean on for help in their time of need.